What Do You Revel In? Mastering the 3 Pillars of Strength

We believe in a woman’s strength—a force that is far more powerful than physical capacity alone. We believe women have an innate ability to nurture their bodies, minds, and emotions in a way that makes them holistically strong. At Revel, we honor that unique brand of strength. We celebrate it. We revel in it. We want to help you recognize it in yourself. 

The 3 Pillars of Strength

1. Physical Strength

There is not a single threshold all people cross or number they reach that automatically makes someone strong. Physical strength is about reaching a goal that is specific to you. For some, it might be about running a certain distance or lifting a particular weight. For others, it might be about keeping up with a child or getting back on your feet. So rather than telling you what it means to be strong, we want to know, “how do you define your own physical strength?” Click the link below to learn more about physical strength and the role whey protein plays in a healthy lifestyle.

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2. Mental Fortitude

Picture an endurance athlete at the end of a long race. Now picture a mom waking for the third time in a single night; a student diligently reviewing her notes; an employee working late. Mental fortitude is not always something you can see. Do you recognize it in yourself? Read on to learn why your strength runs much deeper than physical power alone.

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3. Emotional Well-Being

While all three pillars intertwine, emotional health is the foundation for overall strength. Mental fortitude can help you push through a hard workout. Physical strength can boost confidence, having a positive impact on your emotional health. But emotional well-being is what determines if you are starting from a positive place. It’s what sustains you when mental toughness starts to wane and what propels you forward when it’s hard to summon physical strength. Do you have the right perspective? Do you have healthy relationships—to others and yourself? Do you have the right foundation for growth? Learn more about emotional health and how it contributes to overall strength. 

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